Eye usually do my best to post things related to art, fashion, and innovative thinking, but every so often eye come across something like this that gives me no choice but to post. Also given that we’re EYEconic Clothing this post is very much fitting. Now allow me to introduce the two canines above. To the right is Lily, a beautifully white coated Great Dane. Energetic, strong, and loyal as any dog would. What makes her different that most dog though is not her white coat, but the fact she’s blind. She actually has both of her eyes removed. Not sure the reason, but none the less she was able to survive and lives what seems to be a fairly life. To her left is her seeing eye dog, and friend. As with a human, Lily is led by her friend by leash as well as natural instinct and chemistry between the two. Both of these animals are truly extraordinary, or as we would like to say…Eyeconic.

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A few more photos of Lily and her friend/guide.

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Keep Drawing

Contrary to somes belief, art and design make the world go round. This video gives a great illustrative narrative of why this is so. Entitled “Keep Drawing”, eye’m sure this will inspire anyone who’s able to hold a pencil to keep, or even begin drawing.

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Portal Gun?

If you had this much power in your hands, what would you do with it? Hopefully more than these guys did. They seemed like they had a ton of fun in the process though.Eye’m sure this video took a lot of time to get all the angles used. Watch and you’ll understand what eye mean.

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Not much dialogue needed. Check out the video and be amazed. For more information check out

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Musically Inclined

Found this video a few evening ago. When it began eye almost went on to the next page, because eye wasn’t sure what was going to happen. Gladly eye was patient and saw this amazing video. This student plays a medley of songs on an instrument that eye’m not sure has a name. See how many songs you recognize! An Eyeconic young man, and instrument. Enjoy.

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Got Yours ?

Got Yours ?

We’re providing our School Dayz t-shirt at the great low price of $15. Now available at Get yours before they’re gone. (Click on the image)

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Name that Character …..

Check out this great collection of Real life Disney Characters. Think you can name them all ? (Photos via 

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