L Boogie!


Been what seems like an eternity since we’ve seen or heard from Lauryn Hill. Finally it seems like she making a comeback. Personally eye’m so excited to even hear a notion of her returning to music. With the quality of music thats being dumped into our minds we need Lauryn to come back to smooth things out. With her return we’re left to anticipate so many things. How well she will do, her sound, and if she’ll even reunite with the rest of the Fugees. Guess thats all left to be determind. For now enjoy her new song entitled “Repercussions” :


About EyeconicClothing

Eyeconic Clothing is a brand for any and everyone who appreciates art, fashion, and the furtherance of creativity. Our mission is to promote and encourage true originality, as well as self worth. Our goal was once to be "different", but experience has allowed us to see each designer, as well as brand, is different within its own right. With all that we create, our goal is to encourage all to be comfortable with who they are; not for a moment being afraid to "BE SEEN", while realizing the greatness that comes from doing so. Our Vision is to over time, expand and reach a diverse group of Eyeconic individuals with our hard work and dedication. While also creating a memorable experience for each person who comes into contact with us.
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