#Dope! – Flowlab Skateboard

My skaters and hipsters will get a kick out of this one. Came across an invention that apparently has been around for sometime but eye had never been exposed to. The name is Flowlab Skateboard. This is no ordinary skateboard though. As opposed to having the standard 4 wheels this skateboard consist of  14 wheels. Because of the traditional board we’re used to its hard to even fathom how this would work and seems almost impossible. Well…its possible and acutally is a really dope design and concept. All the wheels actually allow you simulate snowboarding on our city streets. The multiple wheels allow the rider to angle the board alot farther that a regular board while still maintaining the same speed(Below is a diagram that shows the construction and functionality of the board). Eye’ve yet to ever see one of these in the U.S. but apparently they’re very popular in Europe. Hopefully we see more of these here soon tho.

Check out a short clip of the Flowlab Skateboard in action:


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