B.O.B And Friends Concert


Saturday, July 31st we attended the B.O.B and Friends Concert. This events was sponsored by HP and Myspace and was held at Center Stage in Atlanta, Ga. The showed opened up with featured up and coming Grand Hustle Artist. The first artist who performed was a young cat named Shun Hendrix. He seemed to be the Justin Bieber of Grand Hustle. He performed a few songs and rocked the crowed for a while and we were on to the next artist.

Below: Shun Hendrix (Grand Hustle)

Next artist that came out was a cat who goes by the name of Spodee. When he came out he started by performing an acapella verse introducing himself in which he beat on his chest to create his beat. And then he went into the rest of his set. Hearing this cat you would think it was Dro rapping. He somewhat stumbled through a few of his songs and he made his way off the stage.

Below: Spodee (Grand Hustle)


The next artist was one many of you may already be familiar with. He goes by the name of Laws. He’s a young cat from South Florida. Personally eye had never really heard his flow so just looking at him eye wasnt expecting much. Thats why they say dont judge a book by its cover. This cat was dope. He killed his set and kept the crowd rocking the whole time. From his flow to his lyrical content it was a all around dope performance.

Below: Laws


At this point the crowd was ready for B.O.B to come out but out came Playboy Tre…who also killed his performances. He performed a good number of songs. Some eye’ve heard and some eye had’nt. One of  his best performances was one he performed with Sean Falyon (Atl Indie Artist) and R&B Singer Scar (You may remember his as the voice on the chorus of the song “Morris Brown”) . Tre ended his set by imparting some words of wisdom on the crowd and his young  nephews (who brought out on stage) by saying “Be Yourself” …something we really believe in over at Eyeconic Clothing.

Below: (From Left to Right) Sean Falyon, Scar, Playboi Tre

After his (Playboi Tre) last performance the crowd was ready for Bobby Ray and they let it be known by beginning to chant “B.O.B!! B.O.B!! B.O.B!!”.

We waited for a few mins and he was ready to come out. As the anticipation rose the lights dimmed. There were a few moments of dead silence and BOOM! B.O.B made his grand entrance onto the stage and began performing his first song. The crowd was super amp’d and those who were seated came to there feet with chants and cheers. This was the first B.O.B show we had attended so  we really enjoyed it. His performance was outstanding! He performed songs from his new album (Past My Shades along with others) as well as some of his older songs (Such as Eye’ll Be In The Sky). He came out in adidas of course and ended up throwing the “Espana” jacket he had on out in the crowd. He spoke to people in the crowd like they were friends of his and even went as far as doing some crowd surfing. Although he is a respected rap artist he’s also able to produce other songs that are’nt really traditional rap songs (Such as Magic) but these songs still went over very well with the mix cultural crowd that was in attendance. He performed his songs, played his guitar and piano (which eye didnt know he played) ,had a few words with the crowd throughout the show and danced with himself and his dancers . All in all this was a great show!! We really enjoyed someone so Eyeconic in his element. Doing what he loves. Be Eyeconic!

Check out some pics we took at the show (Enjoy!):

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Also to watch a video of the whole show click here: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/8642957


About EyeconicClothing

Eyeconic Clothing is a brand for any and everyone who appreciates art, fashion, and the furtherance of creativity. Our mission is to promote and encourage true originality, as well as self worth. Our goal was once to be "different", but experience has allowed us to see each designer, as well as brand, is different within its own right. With all that we create, our goal is to encourage all to be comfortable with who they are; not for a moment being afraid to "BE SEEN", while realizing the greatness that comes from doing so. Our Vision is to over time, expand and reach a diverse group of Eyeconic individuals with our hard work and dedication. While also creating a memorable experience for each person who comes into contact with us.
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