Eyeconic Clothing Presents…..

As we grow and progress we’ve come across alot of good people so we’re proud to introduce a new member of the Eyeconic Clothing Team. DJ Ewalk.

E-WALK (Eyeconic Clothing/HUMPDAY/Owls n’ Clouds) is a born and raised west coast native who found his way to the south. He started DJing/producing in Arizona, making his rounds through different clubs and cities blowing the roofs off every party he played.

Now he has moved to the south, looking for bigger and better things. Now a resident of Atlanta, E-WALK has slowly been creeping his way into the scene and trying to make a name for himself. Mixing his west coast style with the ways of the dirty south things seem to be looking good for E-WALK.

Him and fellow DJ/Producer Manikan established their very own monthly party HUMPDAY held every last Wednesday of the month at THE SHELTER (Buckhead, Ga), playing all variations of electronic music.

Having the pleasure to play with the company of Captain Crunk (Goldsweat) / TALK (Nightshifters) / Distal (Embassy Recordings) / White Noise (Unlawful Possession) / Trillbass (Trillbass Records)..and the list goes on. It wasn’t long after the start of HUMPDAY that E-WALK crossed paths with local hip hop artist, and one of Eyeconic Clothing’s very own A.P.. After E-WALK and A.P. crossed paths they started the group Owls n’ Clouds. Now Owls n’ Clouds is the new name on the streets of ATLANTA people are talking about. Picking of momentum as every day passes the sky is the limit for these two. With E-WALK on the decks and A.P. on the mic it as if it was fate for these two to meet. Truly Eyeconic individuals.

Be sure to follow DJ Ewalk on twitter – http://twitter.com/ThisIsEWALK

For booking  contact: ewalkmusic@gmail(dot)com

For “BE SEEN’ Tshirt Ewalk is rocking check out http://BeEyeconic.com


About EyeconicClothing

Eyeconic Clothing is a brand for any and everyone who appreciates art, fashion, and the furtherance of creativity. Our mission is to promote and encourage true originality, as well as self worth. Our goal was once to be "different", but experience has allowed us to see each designer, as well as brand, is different within its own right. With all that we create, our goal is to encourage all to be comfortable with who they are; not for a moment being afraid to "BE SEEN", while realizing the greatness that comes from doing so. Our Vision is to over time, expand and reach a diverse group of Eyeconic individuals with our hard work and dedication. While also creating a memorable experience for each person who comes into contact with us.
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