Dope Tech: Pandora Handheld

When first seeing this you might think its some kind of Nintendo DS. What this actually is though is the Pandora Handheld. This is a portable device that went on “sale” back in 2007 but didn’t really become available to customers earlier this year. While this device may look like a Nintendo DS it does way more.

It’s a open source device which means it’s not as limited as the DS or PSP. You can pretty much install any program that runs on the device. It’s also runs full web on it as well. Pretty dope.

The body of the device is a little bigger than a DS, with reason though. When you flip open the handheld you will see it’s got a touch screen, d-pad, dual analogue sticks. Rare to see a device to see all these things featured on it so that was really cool.

These aren’t exactly at your local Best Buy but they are available online. Currently they’re out of stock but will be available for purchase again sometime in December. Might be something to keep in mind this holiday season.

Check out this video of the Pandora Handheld in action:


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