Came across this really interesting video of how to create a simple Shape Relief Alphabet. Very simple, but equally dope. Check it out!

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Tweet Tweet!

Tweet Tweet!

Check out our twitter contest, and enter to win!! – (Ends 5/25/2012)

– Click on the photo for more details. –

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How amazing it would be to be present when this Flash mob breaks out. Check out the video.

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Art In Motion

Some of  us do them, others of us just wish we could. None the less Extreme sports have definitely become an art, and sport of their own. Don’t believe me ? ..Check out the video.

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Art of All Forms ….

A great project created by Artist Yayoi Kusama. An amazing work of art that is also meaningful due to the various “artist” that is is created by. This can be found in the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art (Queensland, Australia).

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Tall Painting

Brilliant yet simple method of creating a beautiful work of art.

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What’s Your Style ?

From sneaker heads, hipsters, to hype beast the number of styles that exist today is seemingly impossible to keep up with, but interesting and creative none the less. While on the web today eye came across “Your Scene Sucks“.  This a number of fun illustrations created by Rob Dobi that helps you recognize and know the clothing styles, among hipsters, punks, emos, the indies, the post-rockers, nerds, the hardcore geeks and others. Eye picked a few of the ones eye seem to see the most today. If none of these fit you, you surely know someone who it does.


You can check out more from “Your Scene Sucks” at

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