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Keep Drawing


Contrary to somes belief, art and design make the world go round. This video gives a great illustrative narrative of why this is so. Entitled “Keep Drawing”, eye’m sure this will inspire anyone who’s able to hold a pencil to keep, or even begin drawing.

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Came across this really interesting video of how to create a simple Shape Relief Alphabet. Very simple, but equally dope. Check it out!

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How amazing it would be to be present when this Flash mob breaks out. Check out the video.

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Art of All Forms ….


A great project created by Artist Yayoi Kusama. An amazing work of art that is also meaningful due to the various “artist” that is is created by. This can be found in the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art (Queensland, Australia).

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Tall Painting


Brilliant yet simple method of creative and beautiful work of art.

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What’s Your Style ?

From sneaker heads, hipsters, to hype beast the number of styles that exist today is seemingly impossible to keep up with, but interesting and creative none the less. While on the web today eye came across “Your Scene Sucks“.  This a number of fun illustrations created by … Continue reading

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Dope Nails

Most every woman loves getting pampered and getting her nails done. Many women nowadays tend to get different interesting designs on there nails because it allows them to somewhat express themselves. So each nail becomes its own canvas, in which … Continue reading

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